GM - Data Reorganizer

Move, copy, modify, restructure, reorganize information inside and between multiple ODBC databases.

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Why using ODBC for DB-Access with the Data Reorganizer?

  1. ODBC is a wide spread standard.
  2. There is no relevant DB-System without an ODBC Driver.
  3. ODBC does not require additional installations except for the driver.
  4. A naked Windows installation already has ODBC drivers for MS-Access, MS-Excel, DBase, Paradox and Text-Files installed.
  5. ODBC is right on top of the driver without additional Layers between them.
  6. There are ODBC drivers for almost all kinds of data, e.g. XML files.
  7. When it gets exotic, other DB-Access methods like ADO/MDAC or JDBC use ODBC by themself for the reasons given above.

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