GM - Data Reorganizer

Move, copy, modify, restructure, reorganize information inside and between multiple ODBC databases.

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Why using ODBC for DB-Access with the Data Reorganizer?

  1. ODBC is a wide spread standard.
  2. There is no relevant DB-System without an ODBC Driver.
  3. ODBC does not require additional installations except for the driver.
  4. A naked Windows installation already has ODBC drivers for MS-Access, MS-Excel, DBase, Paradox and Text-Files installed.
  5. ODBC is right on top of the driver without additional Layers between them.
  6. There are ODBC drivers for almost all kinds of data files too e.g. *.csv *.xml *.json files.
  7. When it gets exotic, other DB-Access methods like ADO/MDAC or JDBC use ODBC by themself for the reasons given above.

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