GM-UniversalSync portable use

The GM-UniversalSync application can be run without installtion at any location.

  1. Install GM-UniversalSync on your computer.
  2. Copy all files from the folder where you installed the GM-UniversalSync application in to the location where you want to execute the application from in the future.
  3. The following files don't need to be copied because they are only needed for install/uninstall and not at application runtime:

If you want to execute the GM-UniversalSync application only at the new location you can uninstall it after copying the files.

The installation is only needed to be able to copy the files, it doesn't do any additional initialization operations.

Tip: You can use 7-Zip to open the setup file for the GM-UniversalSync application like a normal archive file. This will allow you to browse through the files and folders contained in the setup. The largest subfolder of the archive contains all files that are copied to the program folder during normal installation. You can extract those files from the setup by simply dragging them off the 7-Zip window with the mouse and dropping them on the location where you want to execute the GM-UniversalSync application from. This way no installation is needed to copy the files.

If you start the GM-UniversalSync application at the new location without any parameters it will store it's data (synchronization profiles and synchronization memory) where the application data of the logged on user is stored, just as a installed version would do.

To make the application store it's data at the same place from where it has been called (e.g. an USB stick) you wil need to call it with the /DataDir parameter:

GMUniversalSync /DataDir="."

A batch file "GMUniversalSync Portable.cmd" containing exactly this call is included in the setup.

The following call tells the GM-UniversalSync application to store it's data in a subfolder called "GM-Sync data" at the location from where it has been called:

GMUniversalSync /DataDir=".\GM-Sync data"
GMUniversalSync /DataDir="GM-Sync data"

A detailed description of all command line parameters can be found here ...

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